Woman of the Year Allison Kemp Takes to the Roads

Woman of the Year Allison Kemp Takes to the Roads

A female logistics expert is leading the debate on the future of the UK’s road transport sector, following her election as chair of FTA’s Road Freight Council. Industry expert Allison Kemp, Managing Director of A.I.M Commercial Services Ltd, will help to determine the organisation’s approach to pressing issues such as air quality, road infrastructure and driver shortages, by facilitating discussions with FTA’s members at national council meetings.

Chris Yarsley, Policy Manager for Road Infrastructure at FTA, comments: “With her impressive understanding of the sector and dedication to drive change, Allison Kemp is the perfect candidate to lead FTA’s Road Freight Council. From winning Woman of the Year at the 2019 everywoman in Transport and Logistics Awards to being recognised in FTA Logistics Magazine’s 20 for 20, we are thrilled someone of such stature and influence will be leading our influential Road Freight Council in 2020 and beyond.

“While women continue to be underrepresented in the logistics industry – females comprise only 13.2% of the logistics workforce – with Allison Kemp at the helm we hope to ignite real change and encourage more of the amazing women in our sector to join our representative councils.”

Allison Kemp, Managing Director of A.I.M Commercial Services Ltd, comments: “I am really proud to have been elected chair of FTA’s Road Freight Council. I believe I am only the second woman to hold the position in the organisation’s long history.

“The sector faces significant challenges in 2020 – not least the uncertainty around Brexit and ongoing driver shortages – but I remain passionate about helping people and getting things right. I look forward to playing a part in my role as chair and am confident there will also be new opportunities for the sector.”

FTA’s policy positions are determined by the members of its national and regional Freight Councils; the organisation then responds to government consultations and future policy plans accordingly. Ms Kemp also serves as chair of FTA’s East Midlands Freight Council and has been in role for more than eight years; last year she was appointed as the vice chair of FTA’s UK Council.

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