UPS Opens Healthcare And Life-Sciences Center

UPS Opens Healthcare And Life-Sciences Center

UPS today announced the expansion of its temperature-controlled supply chain capabilities in Europe with the opening of a healthcare-dedicated air freight forwarding facility at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands. The opening demonstrates UPS’s continued investment for growth in specialized market segments, in this case, for logistics needs of healthcare and life-sciences companies in the region.

The new 600-square-meter, GDP-compliant facility is designed to meet the highest standards in pharmaceutical freight forwarding, featuring 15 degrees C to 25 degrees C and 2 degrees C to 8 degrees C temperature zones as well as 24/7 monitoring and alarm systems to protect the integrity of temperature-sensitive healthcare shipments. UPS operators follow in-depth training programs and adhere to healthcare-specific protocols to ensure that inbound and outbound products are handled safely and securely during transit.

“With the rise of biologics and temperature-sensitive products as well as changing regulations governing the transportation of pharmaceuticals across different geographies, companies need increased control and protection of their products during transit,” said John Menna, UPS vice president of global strategy, healthcare logistics. “The new life-sciences center at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol allows us to process shipments under strict temperature conditions according to expectations set out in the EU GDP guidelines.”

Utilizing its own healthcare-dedicated, GDP-compliant facility at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol allows UPS to provide more control of the cross-docking and interim storage of healthcare shipments – helping customers mitigate risks and comply with high quality standards. At the facility, UPS also provides for the assembly of insulated pallet packing options and the maintenance of actively-controlled container solutions. UPS staff on-site are trained to ensure appropriate handling and adherence to operating instructions of packaging suppliers.

The announcement comes six months after UPS announced its agreement to acquire pharmaceutical logistics company Poltraf Sp. z o.o. The acquisition further strengthens UPS’s healthcare capability in Europe, enabling compliant logistics services to customers in healthcare markets of Central and Eastern Europe. The acquisition adds three facilities with advanced warehousing management systems, full quality assurance services, and an experienced workforce to UPS’s existing European healthcare network.

UPS delivers value to healthcare and life sciences companies through a broad portfolio of specialized freight and small package services. UPS’s healthcare network also offers around-the-clock monitoring and security, kitting and labeling as well as order management and accounts receivable. Services across all locations are accessible via one global IT order management platform. UPS helps healthcare companies meet stringent and often complex regulatory requirements, provides flexibility for a changing business environment, and reliably serves an increasingly global customer base.

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