Hampshire Fire & Rescue Safety Training Exercise

Hampshire Fire & Rescue Safety Training Exercise

Meachers Add Their Weight To Hampshire Fire And Rescue Road Safety Training Exercise

Meachers Global Logistics has assisted Hampshire Fire and Rescue in the testing of its new life saving road safety equipment at Redbridge Fire Station.

Meachers supplied a truck and trailer filled with 20 tonnes of paper for the training exercise, designed to test the life saving stabilisation kit used in car accidents.

The heavily weighted truck was used to simulate a crash scenario in order for the specialist Fire Crew to establish the effectiveness of the new heavy-duty equipment, while rehearsing rescue operations.

Kerry Charlton, Redbridge Fire and Rescue Crew Manager said: “We are very grateful to Meachers Global for lending us the HGV to use in our training exercise. It is great for the crew to experience training with a vehicle as heavy as possible so it replicates a real life crash.”

Gary Whittle, Meachers Global Logistics, Commercial Director commented: “The emergency services provide a vital service for our community and Meachers is delighted to be to help them with these vital training exercises.”

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