Training Night with Midwest Motor Factors & Monmore

Training Night with Midwest Motor Factors & Monmore

A training night was hosted by Midwest Motor Factors & Monmore Auto Parts at the GTG Academy in Wolverhampton, assisting garagers with their understanding of turbochargers and lubricants quality and selection. BTN Turbo and Ultratec Oils were there to give presentations on how oil contamination plays a major part in damaging turbos and to encourage technicians to identify the reason for turbo failure before replacement.

“I found the information on the turbo chargers very useful and informative. The Ultratec presentation was interesting, and I will now sell the brand with greater confidence. These incredibly well organised events are important for small garages to help keep us up to date in these challenging times,” said Jeremy Turner, Macrome Garage.

Turbochargers, according to BTN, are very reliable and less than 1% of turbo failure is due to a manufacturing fault with the turbo itself. More than 95% of them are because of problems with oil starvation, oil contamination or foreign object damage.

A presentation from Ultratec, one of newest brands at Midwest and Monmore, went through the many difficult challenges garages face in choosing the correct vehicle oil, such as the expanding vehicle parc, the numerous different grades available for oils such as 5W-30, oil warranties and the danger of making the wrong choice to save money.

“It’s reassuring to see high quality brands – Ultratec and BTN – tackle some of the major issues garages face. Oil has become an increasingly complex area for garages and so they can be confident we have a range that meets their requirements, but perhaps more importantly, supports them thoroughly should any issues arise,” said Craig McCracken, Group Factor Manager.

All Ultratec oils are manufactured to meet or exceed the OE specifications and all will maintain the OE or replacement part warranty, offering benefits including excellent cold starting properties, enhanced engine protection and increased fuel efficiency. A market leading technical support program for garages and POS literature has also been put in place.

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