SSO Logistics creates job opportunities

SSO Logistics creates job opportunities

Liverpool-based haulier SSO Logistics has created 16 new jobs since joining Pallet-Track in 2021 and is set to hire another 20 staff this year. The company said that its Pallet-Track membership has enabled it to land a number of new deals by standardising its nationwide corporate service and providing customers with sophisticated delivery tracking.

“We have a very busy year ahead us and we’re pleased to be starting 2023 in such a strong position. Our handling of palletised freight continues to increase year on year and we knew that joining Pallet-Track would give us the tools to maximise our success. It has been beneficial for our existing customers because they are ensured a standardised service and access to delivery tracking, but these features have enabled us to bring new customers on board,” said Peter Draper, Director at SSO Logistics.

“Having an up-to-date IT system improves the customer experience and has been instrumental in aiding our growth. While Brexit has impacted the international side of our business, and our fellow members, the freeport status gives us a USP that will benefit the Pallet-Track network, which will support the final mile delivery of imported goods. It is also good news for businesses that are importing goods, helping to reduce duty in the manufacturing process, reducing administration and costs, and improving cash flow by enabling duty to be paid piecemeal,” Peter continued.

The firm’s international arm, SSO International Forwarding, has recently been awarded freeport status by the government, which SSO Logistics said is partly due to the growth it has achieved with Pallet-Track. The award makes it the city’s first customs site operator – a customs site is an area within a freeport where certain tax and customs rules are suspended to support and encourage international trading.

The company now plans to build a new 50,000sq ft warehouse next to its existing St Helens site and create an additional 20 jobs by the end of the year to accommodate the ongoing growth.

“We congratulate Peter and the team at SSO Logistics on their new freeport status and their continued success as a member of Pallet-Track. The firm’s continued growth is also great news for the local community, benefitting businesses that trade internationally and creating new jobs for local people,” added Caroline Green, Chief Executive of Pallet-Track.

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