Norbert Dentressangle Improves Delivery Window For Premdor

Norbert Dentressangle Improves Delivery Window For Premdor


Norbert Dentressangle Improves Delivery Window For Premdor

Norbert Dentressangle has secured a £-multi-million, three-year contract renewal with Premdor UK, a leading producer and distributor of internal and external doors, windows and cubicles. The two companies have worked together since 2008.

Premdor UK is part of Florida, USA, based Masonite, one of the world’s leading joinery manufacturers with products sold in over 70 countries from more than 55 global manufacturing facilities and has more than 10,000 employees.

To meet changing market demands, Premdor wanted to move to a ‘just in time’ distribution model, which required a shorter lead-time between order placement and delivery, together with greater transport flexibility.

To achieve this, Norbert Dentressangle has developed a combination of services, with a move from a purely dedicated delivery solution to include a 20% shared user element that can meet the daily requirements of Premdor’s customers. This also provides Premdor with a more efficient delivery service.

Orders are collected from Premdor’s Barnsley manufacturing site and trunked overnight to depots across the Norbert Dentressangle radial network, then distributed to major door and window suppliers, as well as to end users at building sites. On a monthly basis a fleet of 23 vehicles makes over 5,000 deliveries.

Norbert Dentressangle has invested in a new fleet of vehicles and trailers with a bespoke net securing system to ensure Premdor orders are delivered safely and in original condition. Drivers use a personal digital assistant (PDA), which provides Premdor with an automatic receipt and invoice procedure via the Norbert Dentressangle General Transport System.

The operation also involves the collection and delivery of raw materials from suppliers in Yorkshire to the Barnsley site.

Paul Conway, Logistics Category Manager (UK & CEE) at Premdor UK, said: “The seamless switch to an integrated mix of 80% dedicated and 20% shared user distribution has provided us with an improved supply chain solution that deliveries greater overall flexibility to meet the just in time requirements of our customers.”


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