Michelin Launches Driver CPC Courses

Michelin Launches Driver CPC Courses

Michelin is launching a series of interactive JAUPT-accredited Driver CPC training courses designed to improve tyre knowledge and the quality of vehicle walkaround checks.

Held at the Michelin Training Centre in Stoke-on-Trent or onsite at customers’ premises, the four half-day workshops were created in collaboration with driver training specialist Junction 17 Defensive Driver Training, and offer tuition in four key areas: tyre identification, wear and damage patterns, wheel security and tyre maintenance.

Using a combination of in-classroom theoretical learning and hands-on practical experience, delegates can get to grips with tyre construction and spotting unusual tyre damage, to the importance of maintaining accurate tyre pressures, while working towards their periodic training requirements.

Each module in the course builds towards a solid understanding of the key components of vehicle walkaround checks.

Carl Williams, from the Michelin Training Centre, said: “Walkaround checks are often seen as another tick box exercise and there needs to be an industry-wide shift in perceptions.

“You’d be surprised by how many drivers carry out the daily checks without fully understanding what they’re looking for or the implications of poor tyre upkeep.

“After completing our training, drivers will have gained skills that can be applied in their professional lives. Plus, operators will have improved peace of mind that their tyres won’t cause an O-licence breach.”

Spaces are limited to 20 delegates on the courses, each led by one of Michelin’s five full-time instructors, who have all been trained by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development. For companies wishing to host their own training days, bespoke onsite modules can be arranged.

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