Campaign to Encourage Women into Roles

Campaign to Encourage Women into Roles

Leading recruitment platform, Monster, is appealing for more women to consider roles in the logistics, transportation and supply chain industry following a surge in the number of job vacancies available in the sector with the help of a campaign. A recent job market boom has meant all stages of the supply chain have experienced growing vacancy numbers, with over 50,000 jobs currently advertised on job boards and websites, according to latest figures.

There is no doubt a significant gender imbalance; women currently account for only 13 percent of the 850,000 UK workers in warehouse, logistics and delivery. As a result, Monster has launched a campaign to be attractive to a woman and challenge traditional perceptions that a job in logistics is ‘for men’.

HGV drivers, for example, are desperately needed. In the UK alone, there is an estimated shortage of 59,000 HGV drivers, with 64 percent of transport and storage businesses facing severe skills shortages, according to The Freight Trade Association. The current average age of a UK HGV driver is 50 and rising. New drivers are not entering the service fast enough to replace retirees and meet demand.

The trade association reports that women have a higher pass rate for the HGV license test, but account for less than 9 percent of people who take the test. Of the estimated 300,000 HGV drivers in the UK, less than 2 percent are women.

Derek Jenkins, General Manager for Monster in UK & Ireland, said: “A career in the industry is one with a range of development possibilities for both men and women. Workers can spend time listening to podcasts and audio courses. They can also upskill to bigger trucks, specialist trucks or additional forklift skills. HGV driving is a smart career choice.”

“We are in desperate need of pioneering women who can change the perception of the industry. This is a clear opportunity for a sector that, even with extended furlough and lockdown measures, is still struggling to fill open vacancies. There’s a wide variety of roles hiring right now at all levels of experience. From Warehouse Operatives, Dispatchers, Managers and Customer Care to Forklift operators, Delivery drivers and HGV Drivers.”

The recruitment platform hopes to support women in the industry and encourage more to join by raising awareness of the issue across its website and marketing channels. Monster is also running advertising campaigns in motorway service stations to support supply chain businesses with their recruitment efforts.

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