Blue Arrow’s ‘Drive with Pride’

Blue Arrow’s ‘Drive with Pride’

Blue Arrow, one of the UK’s largest recruiters of lorry drivers, has just released a petition aimed at the Department for Transport. It’s challenging them to set and enforce minimum standards for lorry drivers’ toilet facilities across the UK.

Addressing the needs of the industry

Working closely with Gillian Kemp, founder of Truckers’ Toilets UK, Blue Arrow has built a body of evidence that illustrates the extent of the problem. What’s also become clear is that the availability of clean, working toilet facilities is preventing much-needed new drivers from joining the industry.

Mark Manaton, Blue Arrow’s CEO, said ‘Lorry drivers are the backbone of the UK’s infrastructure, and yet aren’t currently getting the basic right of access to clean, working toilets. We know first-hand that drivers are suffering. Our petition is the first step in our campaign to do something about it. It’s also vital in terms of the impending driver shortage – how can we attract young people to an industry that can’t even offer them a clean loo?’

A target of 100,000 signatures

The aim is to secure the 100,000 signatures required to put pressure on the government to discuss this problem. But more fundamentally, the aim is to raise awareness of this issue, because it’s rarely discussed or understood outside the driving industry. The general public need to know the truth.

A promise to refurbish a truckstop

Whatever the outcome of the petition, Blue Arrow is going to refurbish a truckstop toilet facility, and is calling on drivers to share their experiences of LGV toilet facilities across the UK.

Despite only being released very recently, the petition has already secured a huge amount of support. You can sign the petition here:

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