Apprenticeships Boom In Transport And Logistics But Young People Unaware Of Breadth Of Opportunities

Apprenticeships Boom In Transport And Logistics But Young People Unaware Of Breadth Of Opportunities


Apprenticeships Boom In Transport And Logistics But Young People Unaware Of Breadth Of Opportunities

 – More than half (55%) of young people would consider applying for an apprenticeship, but most aren’t aware of the variety on offer

– New industries opening their doors via apprenticeships but less than a third of young people realise they are available in the healthcare, insurance, and travel sectors

– Transport and logistics companies are among the best recruiters of apprentices, with two in five (40%) planning to recruit this way in 2013, but 61% of young people don’t know about this route into the sector

GCSE results are out this week, yet according to research from Barclays, young people are not aware of the breadth of options open to them when they leave full-time education. Most sectors now offer apprenticeships as a route into careers, and this holds true for large as well as smaller employers. For example, recent research by Barclays’ corporate banking division1, has found that a large number of companies in sectors such hospitality and leisure (44%), transport and logistics (40%), law (31%) and healthcare (25%) are hiring apprentices this year.

Demand also remains high for apprenticeships among young people, with the latest Barclays LifeSkills Barometer2 showing that over half (55%) of young people aged between 14 and 25 would consider applying for one when they leave education. They are, however, struggling to keep up with the increasing variety of apprenticeships, as the majority were not aware of the range of industries currently recruiting young people in this way.

Most knew of traditional recruiters of apprentices: 69% of young people knew apprenticeships can be found with manufacturing firms. But awareness was less wide-spread of newer qualifications in sectors such as healthcare (25%), transport and logistics (39%), and travel (33%).

Nearly half (44%) of those asked in the LifeSkills Youth Barometer knew apprenticeships offered a route into the retail sector, and only a quarter (24%) knew that placements are available in the insurance sector.

Mike Thompson, Head of Employability Programmes at Barclays said:

“It’s fantastic to see so many apprenticeships opening up across a variety of industries, all of which give young people more choices when they leave education. Our apprenticeship programme, for example, is offering roles in corporate and investment banking, technology and digital marketing for the first time this year.

“With A-level results out this week it is vital that these young people are aware of all the opportunities open to them. Businesses and educators need to work together to ensure that young people know what is on offer, and how to access it. Of course this ensures that businesses have an opportunity to bring in promising young talent, but just as importantly it ensures no young person feels they are left without options when they open their letter on Thursday.”

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