WCS Announce Availability Of Next-Gen CSnx

WCS Announce Availability Of Next-Gen CSnx

Worldwide Chain Stores (WCS) a dedicated provider of comprehensive supply chain execution technology has today announced the general availability of its latest warehouse management system, CSnx. A next generation platform, CSnx offers organisations easy-to-use, flexible, scalable and relevant out-of-the-box capability to automate, diagnose and seamlessly manage the supply chain from procurement of inventory through to management of the warehouse.  Designed for today’s complex supply chain needs, CSnx gives businesses the ability to minimise inventory, effectively manage staff, drive greater customer satisfaction whilst providing maximum product availability.

Maximising efficiencies for customers today and in the future
A sophisticated, web-based, platform independent tool CSnx will enable customers to maximise their customer satisfaction and profit margins by enabling an optimised and highly efficient service through a number of capabilities including stockless operations, voice, sophisticated storage algorithms, perpetual inventory and cycle counting, labour management and asset tracking.  The open architecture and strong integration capability of CSnx also means that the solution can support trends such as BYOD and the Internet of Things, as the need for these grow.

Modular offering that allows scalability
CSnx offers complete supply chain management functionality but allows customers to adopt as little or as much of the solution as desired based on their individual business requirements. The solution grows with the business. For instance, a customer can begin with the core warehouse management solution and integrate modules for procurement, voice or labour management, only as the business need for such functionality is required.  This ability to pick and choose modules ultimately allows customers to scale costs.

Andrew Boake, CTO at WCS commented, “The modular nature of the product means it’s incredibly scalable.  Implementing a fully-functional warehouse management system can seem overwhelming for some organisations, however with CSnx we offer the unique opportunity of taking a phased approach.  That means customers can start with simple warehouse management then deploy additional components like voice RF, and asset tracking as and when the functionality is needed.”

Managing the supply chain from procurement of inventory to management of the warehouse
CSnx allows organisations to manage the supply chain from procurement of inventory through to management of the warehouse, whilst also providing the capability to manage the workforce at minimised costs.  The warehouse management functionality spans: receipt scheduling; receiving; space optimisation; value-added services; cross-docking; pick-by-line/flow-through; inter-site transfers; managed forward pick replenishments; and inventory control and cycle counting in real time.  For outbound operations, the system enhances transport planning; order processing and optimises picking, packing and loading through to shipment of merchandise.

As the industry faces both existing and new compliance requisites including the likes of labour, bonded, financial and food safety related regulations, CSnx is able to report to the various authorities in the needed format as well as maintain audit trails as evidence, in turn minimising risk to the business.  Its open architecture also accommodates any changes in the future to regulatory controls or compliance.

Josh Makan, CEO of WCS said, “We have been working within the industry for nearly 40 years, with some of the largest organisations across the globe in a variety of industry sectors.  In the development of CSnx we have leveraged our heritage, skills and expertise across those 40 years to bring a solution to market that suits our customers needs both today and in the future. I strongly believe that with CSnx we are well positioned to disrupt a market sector that is served by lacklustre products and solutions, with a functionally rich product, at a competitive price point.”

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