Webfleet & Bridgestone Develop Integrated Tyre System

Webfleet & Bridgestone Develop Integrated Tyre System

Webfleet Solutions, Europe’s leading telematics solutions provider, is introducing WEBFLEET TPMS to the market. The joint development between the telematics leader and its parent company Bridgestone, a global leader in tyres and rubber providing solutions for safe and sustainable mobility, provides predictive tyre management integrated into the award-winning WEBFLEET fleet management solution.

Designed for heavy commercial vehicles, such as trucks and buses, WEBFLEET TPMS utilises sensors that continuously monitor tyre pressure levels and tyre temperature.

The information is sent to the WEBFLEET Telematics Service Platform for analysis. When an issue is detected, WEBFLEET alerts the fleet manager in the office and/or the driver in the cab in real time. This allows them to take action before the issue evolves into a more serious problem that could lead to accidents, disruptions and costly vehicle downtime.

“The majority of heavy truck breakdowns on European roads are caused by tyre-related issues such as underinflated tyres,” said Paul Verheijen, Vice President Product Management of Bridgestone Mobility Solutions. “Manual pressure checks are time consuming and slow leaks are very difficult for drivers to detect. WEBFLEET TPMS is not only digitising and automating this entire process, but it also directly enables the fleet operator to make fast, informed decisions to improve road safety and reduce tyre-related costs and downtime.”

The instant notifications that are triggered when abnormal tyre pressure or temperature is detected are colour coded. The colours reflect the severity of the issue, which helps users to determine the right course of action.

The WEBFLEET TPMS sensors are precise and easy to install, as they can be fitted without removing the tyre. They enable the TPMS solution to detect under or over inflation before it’s visible. While properly inflated tyres increase safety, they also offer better fuel efficiency and an optimised tyre service life. All of this translates to less CO2 emissions and extended tyre life.

“With WEBFLEET TPMS, we are reinforcing our market leadership in connected transport solutions,” added Jan-Maarten de Vries, CEO of Bridgestone Mobility Solutions. “By adding real time tyre insights to WEBFLEET, transport companies have control and visibility over their entire fleet operation – all from one interface.”

“For years, business fleets have been using telematics solutions to understand and leverage their vehicle data. Now, we are using this telematics data to optimise tyre performance. Our TPMS solution is just the beginning of further innovations in connected tyre technology enabled by the combined strength of Bridgestone and Webfleet Solutions.”

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