TruTac. Working with the PSV Industry for Total Fleet Control

TruTac. Working with the PSV Industry for Total Fleet Control

TruTac, one of the UK’s leading logistics software and tachograph analysis providers, work with the CPT (Confederation of Passenger Transport) and PSV operators throughout the UK to supply tailored software, hardware, stationery and training – all of which contribute to increased efficiency and compliance control.


“We are delighted with the positive start TruTac’s CPT Tacho Analysis has had since its introduction in 2015 and we look forward to working with TruTac in the future, for the benefit of our members.”

Golden Boy Coaches:

“The biggest time saver for us is when it comes to monitoring the working time directive. The TruTac system records everything. I can see it live and can see who’s coming near the driving time limits and who’s not. The time saving on administration is easily 15 hours a week.”

Princess Coaches:

“TruTac’s complimentary products, TruControl PSV for tachograph analysis and TruTime clocking system, make analysing and managing driver’s working time easy.”

Lucketts Travel:

“We’ve been using TruControl PSV since 2010, having found issues with other systems in the way they were interpreting the EC Drivers’ Hours rules for coach drivers. Plus, it’s a cloud-based system so there’s no downtime for updates.”

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