The Connecting Link of Global Economy

The Connecting Link of Global Economy

Considered the connecting link in global economy, the Transport and Logistics sector remains in a time of dramatic change.

In a world dominated by ever evolving technological advancements the sector is, understandably, always looking to transform innovations to keep at the forefront of the industry in an ever expanding digital age. Maintaining innovative, and ensuring the latest technology is implemented across establishments, is essential in keeping global economy as we know it secure. 

Keeping up to constant innovation means that the industry are trying to meet the market of contemporary needs, but changing customer demand and expectation are not making this an easy task.

As technologies advance, so do the requirements of the client. With expectations concerning, sustainability, speed, costs, quality, analytics, vehicles and shares being expressed on large scales, the Transport and Logistics sector remain busy trying to maintain high standards in new formats.

Embracing innovation is something that sectors are having to continue to do on a worldwide scale. Road transportation across the United States have had an ELD (electronic logging devices) system in place since 2017. Which means ELD is mandatory on all commercial trucks by law. ELD is an electronic hardware attached to the vehicle engine to record driving hours in commercial sectors. The driving hours of both truck and bus drivers are regulated by a rule system known as HOS (Hours of Service).

The United Kingdom have adopted sharing of real-time data, which is an efficient use of infrastructure. Smart motorway systems are in place that can regulate and stabilise traffic, and warn drivers of any potential upcoming congestion so they can re-plan their route accordingly, or at least be prepared for delays. Smart motorways can also automatically open additional lanes if roads become too busy and traffic jams are imminent.

While innovation is of the utmost importance, keeping up to demand is still challenging and new innovation business models are coming forth as proposals to keep the sector at the top of its game.

With the fourth industrial revolution well under way, the next decade will be crucial in how the future of the sectors will look, with smart roads, tracking devices, safety innovations and remarkable technologies being implemented continuously.

Industries can no longer get away with mere tweaks at establishments, the bigger picture is here and innovative implementations are essential.


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