Robots Improve Shipment Scheduling & Tracking

Robots Improve Shipment Scheduling & Tracking

T-Impact software robots improve scheduling accuracy and automatically provide updated delivery schedules to your customers. Their robots can extract shipping details from shipping portals and other transport systems, updating your existing IT systems with real-time data. They work seamlessly with your existing systems, enhancing their capability without any need to change them. They can automatically update your customer’s IT systems or send notifications by text and/or email.

Robots also reduce LTL (less-than-load) shipments, managing loads across numerous freight operators and deliveries. Access third-party carrier systems to capture and close out loads, increase delivery revenue without investing in more infrastructure & staff.

Robots get you paid faster through better scheduling. They automate invoice processing and credit collections, automatically chasing overdue payments from customers and third-party logistics partners. Automated payment processing, ensures customer credit limits are accurate, ensuring they can continue to place orders and you don’t lose business to your competitors.

T-Impact robots automate work normally performed by your staff, enabling you to grow your business without hiring more staff. Their cost effective software robots can work 24 hours a day and always follow agreed procedures, applying rules consistently across your business. They generate evidence that work has been completed in full compliance with your processes, protecting your business and reducing your risks.

T-Impact will help you define the business benefits and return-on-investment before investing in implementation.


Join T-Impact on 5th April at 16.00 GMT at our Intelligent Automation virtual event and they’ll show you how IA tools can transform your business, increase customer service and satisfaction, eliminate errors, free staff for more valuable tasks and reduce operating costs.

Whether you choose to build your own solutions or buy a pre-built bot, register to learn how to overcome typical blockers, learning from the mistakes of others plus see a range of IA tools that will improve your business. They will also be giving you access to free trials, PoC (Proof of Concept) credits, licences, guides, and discounts on pre-built solutions.

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