RFiD Discovery Acquires Tracktio to Enhance Growth

RFiD Discovery Acquires Tracktio to Enhance Growth

RFiD Discovery is pleased to announce the acquisition by its parent company Paragon ID of Tracktio, a Spanish provider of asset and people tracking solutions specifically designed for industries operating in complex and hazardous environments. This acquisition will enable RFiD Discovery to strengthen its offerings serving industrial markets.

“The acquisition of Tracktio will help us expand our existing tracking capabilities and enhance our solutions for industrial environments. It will also improve our ability to better support our growing network of global partners. In addition, Tracktio will be responsible for growing RFiD Discovery’s customer base in the Spanish-speaking markets including South America, as well as providing first line support for our solutions in these regions. We are delighted to welcome Tracktio to our RFiD Discovery team,” said Arron Duddin, Smart Solutions Director at RFiD Discovery.

Industrial tracking experts

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Tracktio was founded in 2015 and is focussed on developing tracking solutions to improve logistics, productivity and safety in operationally complex industries such as manufacturing, logistics, construction, oil and gas, mining and warehousing.

The company’s software platform, TrackSphereTM integrates major tracking technologies providing complete solutions for a wide range of applications and business challenges including geofencing, asset tracking, production monitoring, operational maintenance, lone worker supervision as well as overall workers’ health and safety.

It provides a comprehensive API for easy integration with clients’ existing software systems like ERP, MES, WMS, GIS and others. Partners and customers can also develop their own reports and dashboards leveraging the TrackSphereTM API. The company supplies its solutions directly to clients as well as through a network of partners in over 20 countries.

A perfect fit

The acquisition of Tracktio will enable RFiD Discovery to expand its solutions to include further technologies such as GPS, LoRa, ultra-wideband (UWB), Quupa and optical identification to strengthen its offering to the manufacturing, construction, logistics and other industrial sectors. In addition, the TrackSphereTM software platform, which is designed to be white labelled, no-code configurable and API-expandable, is ideally suited to be sold through RFiD Discovery’s growing partner community.

This acquisition follows the one of Apitrak, a French-based technology company, in 2021, and all three companies will work closely to combine their expertise and create a complete Iocation-tracking platform, able to support all available technologies and provide solutions suited to a wide spectrum of applications, environments, and customer requirements.

The existing RFiD Discovery software already provides a multi-technology location-tracking IoT platform also available as SaaS to locate assets and people using technologies such as active and passive RFID, WI-FI, GPS and BLE. Over the past 15 years it has been adopted in many healthcare and industrial environments including by over 100 hospitals as well as many manufacturing and logistics businesses, in the UK, France and beyond.

“Becoming part of Paragon ID and joining the RFiD Discovery team is exciting news for Tracktio customers, partners as well as our own team. Their excellent reputation, global reach, combined portfolio and customer support structures were significant factors in our decision to take Tracktio into the Paragon Group. It is clear just how complementary our companies are,” commented Fran Pinyol, Co-Founder and CEO at Tracktio.

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