Commercial Vehicle Friction : Redefining Braking Tech

Commercial Vehicle Friction : Redefining Braking Tech

After more than two years of development and field tests, a new friction brand is now available. SYNERGY Braking Technology. This new friction has been developed to optimise the synergistic relationship between friction components and a vehicle’s performance and service life.

Brake friction components are critical to safety. With heavy demands on performance, these components need to be robust and to work efficiently and effectively in all environments. Synergy braking has been proven on truck, trailer, bus and coach applications to provide premium braking performance and durability under all service operating conditions.

All Synergy braking is tested and approved by the VCA, the UK’s designated type approval authority with more than 30 years’ experience in testing and providing certification for vehicle systems and components.

Synergy braking comes in two versions – Synergy Red (Premium Grade) suitable for most truck and trailer applications and Synergy Yellow (Premium Plus Grade) offering enhanced  performance and pad life under more extreme operating conditions especially for bus and coach applications.

Synergy braking features meshed backplates to provide enhanced mechanical retention of the pad to the backplate and high friction bedding coatings on the surface of the pad. These coatings help remove debris and contamination from the braking surface of the disc left behind by the former set of pads and provide more rapid bedding of the new set of pads to the disc when pads are replaced.

Synergy production is carried out at “state of the art” facilities which are fully accredited to ISO9001 & TS16949.

All part numbers are approved to UNECE90:02 in the UK and fully qualify as parts of Matching Quality to OE parts as defined  by EU Block Exemption Regulation 461/2010.

Fitting kits are provided as standard with most part numbers.

SYNERGY Braking will also be a strong presence in the BTRA Truck racing this year. Synergy Braking will be the main sponsor to TEAM OLIVER Racing. Not only as a sponsor but as a friction supplier too. This provides the perfect test of this new friction material.

Synergy braking is available exclusively from Juratek.

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