Search Updates The Eye to Tackle Enquiries Issue Updates The Eye to Tackle Enquiries Issue announced that in March 2018, more than a fifth, 22%, of consumer telephone enquiries went unanswered by its dealers; therefore it is encouraging them to review missed enquiries from potential customers after updating to its consumer response tracking platform.

“Our customers are extremely busy and have many responsibilities to manage while running their dealerships, so it is understandable that some consumer enquiries aren’t responded to immediately,” said Managing Director Phill Jones. “We are committed to offering our customers a transparent service that gives them the opportunity to understand the response we generate for their vehicles.”

The Eye has been updated with a new top level dashboard and a redesigned use interface to help dealers understand and respond to enquiries. It stores and displays consumer response to listings on, while improving user experience and its network of partner websites, such as emails, phone calls and detailed vehicle views, through an accessible six-month overview.

Other new features include a customisable search to review response over a specified period, as well as being able to access individual responses and analyse stock performance without having to leave the platform. Moreover, the new invoice module allows dealers to create and store professional invoices in a new module in The Eye, with their statements corresponding to the consumer response generated by the Network.

“The new updates to The Eye have been made with dealers’ needs at the heart of how we improve our services. The Eye is still a mobile-friendly, cloud-based solution that allows dealers to check their response wherever they are and we have taken great strides in this recent development to make the experience even more rewarding. Our dealers have access to a clear overview of their lead assists so they can analyse their cars’ response with just a few clicks,” said Product Development Manager Libo Bian.

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