Search Updates Its Website Updates Its Website has redesigned its website to enhance the customer experience and to underline its credentials as a sophisticated, modern car search platform. To get a deep insight into what changes were needed to better match buyers and sellers of cars, the team used consumer feedback sessions and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) techniques.

The new design style for the site uses strong, bold fonts and a pared down colour palette, while being stripped back to offer a clean interface with the distinctive green – introduced on the site in 2013 – used to emphasise key actions including the top level navigation bar, as well as the search and dealer enquiry buttons.

The reason behind this decision is the continued growth of smartphone usage, which represented 56% of total visits in February 2018, up from 50% in February 2017 and 42% in February 2016. The content focused sections, such as the News Blog, Car Reviews, and Electric Cars Hub, have also been redesigned.

“The way that consumers search for cars is constantly evolving, so it’s important that our site does too. Smartphone usage brings its own opportunities to create an experience that is optimised for that device, rather than just a squashed version of the desktop site. We encourage dealers to look at their own websites on smartphones to ensure response isn’t being lost through difficult mobile experiences,” said Product Director David Hearns.

Managing Director Phill Jones also commented on the changes brought to the website: “This evolution of the site shows that we are always listening, learning and improving. It is a commitment from the team that we will share our insight with dealers to help them optimise their own businesses. This openness runs through our business, including our Value Based Pricing model – where dealers have a performance target to clearly hold us to account on the response we deliver.” is planning some further enhancements for 2018 to create an even better for car buyers and sellers.

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