McGill's Is Launching Its New GoZone Tickets App

McGill's Is Launching Its New GoZone Tickets App

McGill’s is launching its new app today, allowing customers to keep buying their favourite GoZone tickets, but with a whole new range of features to enjoy! The features include a countdown for customers to view when their bus will arrive, plan a journey, find nearby stops and view timetables in a new, mobile friendly format.

Customers will be able to view everything they need in one place, taking the best loved features from both McGill’s current apps and merging them into one, enhanced app.

“We are committed to continuously adding value to our services and when our new, free app is launched, it will make travelling by bus even easier,” said Ralph Roberts, McGill’s Managing Director.

“We’re very excited about our real time feature, what a great enhancement – knowing exactly when your bus will be arriving at the stop. M-ticketing has been a convenient solution for anyone using the bus and we’re certain that the new app will be an ever greater success. It’s a must have for all McGill’s customers and for those considering switching to McGill’s great value service across our network,” Ralph Roberts added.

Here is a list of everything you can expect from the new app:

  • Real Time – Select your bus stop and view a countdown of when your bus will arrive, in real time. Waiting for a bus will be a thing of the past!
  • M-tickets – Continue buying GoZone tickets via the app, paying via credit/debit card or Apple Pay.
  • Journey planning – It’s not even easier to plan ahead with McGill’s, as it will provide all the details needed for a journey.
  • Timetables – View timetables in a new, easier to read format that is perfect for planning ahead!
  • Save your favourite items – Quickly save departure boards, timetables and regular journeys, with quick access from one convenient menu.
  • Service updates – Keep up to date with disruption information.

These new ticketing and technology options have resulted in less time spent at bus stops and customers no longer needing to carry change or a paper ticket, improving the overall bus experience.

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