Masternaut Announces Innovative Driver Navigation & Communications Device For Enterprise Telematics Solution

Masternaut Announces Innovative Driver Navigation & Communications Device For Enterprise Telematics Solution

Masternaut Announces Innovative Driver Navigation & Communications Device For Enterprise Telematics Solution

Masternaut, the largest European telematics solution provider, has launched Masternaut Pro, a new driver navigation & communication device which is used in conjunction with Masternaut Connect to provide users and businesses an all-in-one solution for real time telematics, communication, and navigation.

Fleets with Masternaut Pro can access the Masternaut Connect applications for rich two-way messaging, allowing fleet managers and drivers to exchange delivery addresses and other dispatch information. Messages can contain information such as an address, a point of interest or a phone number which can be used to seamlessly navigate or automatically dial. Masternaut Live gives fleet managers access to real time driver location information to effectively deploy the closest drivers to a specific location, based on a real-time ETA calculation provided by the system.

Masternaut Pro gives drivers instantaneous driving style feedback to help coach best driving performance. Drivers can access the EcoDrive application on Pro to get up-to-date information on their driving scores on a day, week or monthly basis. The EcoDrive application also records and provides in-depth and accurate analysis of trends in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, to enable businesses to improve efficiency by focusing on driver behaviour. The Tax & Expense application ensures the accurate capture of mileage from every journey to support expense claims, with drivers alerted when trips or journeys are not being logged.

Masternaut has enhanced a leading navigation engine and integrated it into Masternaut Pro to provide advanced route planning, real time 3D map visualization, and turn-by-turn voice instructions. Pro also automatically receives real time traffic information ‘over-the-air’ to provide live estimated times of arrival and real time re-routing around traffic congestion. Drivers are able to plan trips based on multiple destinations and optimise them to find the best route, without extra driving and without the need for scheduling software. The device has ruggedized mounting for demanding vehicle use, and a Bluetooth hands free kit for safe driver calling completes the solution.

“We’ve taken in-vehicle driver communication, navigation and telematics one step further with Pro. By taking some standard navigation and digital map technology, enhancing it, and then seamlessly integrating it into Masternaut Connect we believe we’ve created the most complete and integrated solution in the telematics industry,” says Alex Rothwell, COO and CTO of Masternaut.

“Using the advance feature set of Masternaut Pro to avoid traffic, or by selecting the best route available, businesses can unlock additional savings with minimal effort. We’ve already seen that savings can be made on 35% of total trips in terms of reducing the distance driven and fuel saved. Combine this with the management capabilities from Masternaut Connect and it adds up to a powerful solution for any business with a mobile workforce,” continues Alex.


Key benefits to Masternaut Pro include:

Fully compatible: Compatible with existing Masternaut modules (Eco-Drive, Tax & Expense Manager and Live)

Navigation: European mapping, turn by turn navigation (LCVs and HGVs), keyword search, trip planner (waypoints and optimisation), road and area avoidance, speed camera warnings, points of interest, user-friendly mapping and hazardous area alerts

Full visibility: Minute by minute location of mobile workers (identifiable by unique PIN) across your fleet who have remote access company locations, fuel and CO2 consumption recording and mileage logging per journey for expense claims

In-cab driver assistance: Speed limit display, eco-driving menu and in-cab event based alerts (harsh braking, acceleration etc.)

Effective communications: Two way messaging capabilities and Bluetooth hands free kit

Cost effectiveness: No IT investment with web-based tracking, all-in-one solutions so needs only one installation, no need for separate sat-nav or hands free kit and fully future proof with software updates over the air



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