JCB to Reveal Transport Management Solution

JCB to Reveal Transport Management Solution

Global manufacturer JCB will be explaining how the implementation of new transport management solutions has helped the company meet changing customer expectation at an industry presentation in March.

Chris Buckler, Operations Director for JCB Worldwide parts, will be speaking at the event, entitled ‘Aftermarket logistics and transport: Trends for a global aftermarket business’ on Tuesday 7th March.

Organised by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), the free event is being held in Leicester at the headquarters of Europe’s largest independent 4PL 3T Logistics. 3T has worked with JCB for over eight years implementing their Solo transport management system (TMS) to help optimise transport processes. The company currently provide TMS for operations and support in the UK, France, Czech Republic and the USA.

“As a global leader in the supply of construction equipment, JCB’s position and reputation need to be supported by a first class aftermarket solution which we have helped provide,” comments Steve Holmes, Business Development Manager at 3T Logistics.

“Chris Buckler will be sharing his experience of using innovative technology to adapt to changes in processes which anticipate changing customer demands. His talk will include topics such as the adoption of e-commerce, managing a global footprint, black box technology, increased parts complexity and global stock management. We are certain it will be a fascinating and informative event.”

JCB’s Service division has a target of fulfilling 95% availability of urgent parts within 24 hours. In addition to a full TMS system, 3T also supply JCB with automated barcode labelling, track and trace at part level and a customer facing web based business intelligence platform (BIP) which helps manage a range of transport operations and large amounts of data for business discovery and reporting.

“This is a great opportunity for people in the construction and manufacturing industry to learn about new technology and how it can facilitate more efficient and cost effective ways of managing logistics processes,” adds Steve.

The ‘Aftermarket logistics and transport: Trends for a global aftermarket business’ event takes place onTuesday 7th from 6pm to 8.30pm at 3T’s offices in Grove Park, Leicester.


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