IMHX Welcomes Artificial Intelligence and Automation

IMHX Welcomes Artificial Intelligence and Automation

The International Materials Handling Exhibition that will take place in 2019 has agreed to reflect on the role that artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics has within the modern supply chain.

The logistics sector is looking into all forms of technology, including automation, AI, and robotics, so that it provides the best services using the best available technology. Warehouse operators are always eager to optimise their intralogistics operations and those three areas are thought to have a bigger impact on the industry in the years to come.

For example, according to Rob Fisher, the IMHX 2019 event director, automation “represents one of the biggest opportunities to reduce cost and increase efficiency within a warehouse or distribution centre and the predicted post-Brexit labour shortages are strengthening the case for automation as firms seek to make their operations less labour-intensive.”

He mentions that there already is a high demand and opportunities for the market growth of automated intralogistics solutions suppliers and the interest that some of the leading names in the field have expressed only proves that the sector has all the reasons to be confident in the future.

Dave Berridge, secretary of AMHSA (the Automated Material Handling Association), agrees with his view: “Demand is being fuelled by the availability of funding and advances in technology that are increasing the scope of automation so that now some form of automated or semi-automated approach is an attractive proposition even to smaller companies.”

IMHX 2019 will see the launching of the Future Technology Zone that will provide an opportunity for the UK’s top universities to demonstrate some of their logistics-related projects based on artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics.

“We intend to make IMHX 2019 a platform where they can demonstrate their ideas alongside the commercial offerings from some of the leading companies in the field,” says Rob Fisher.

IMHX is a tri-annual event and is the largest and longest running exhibition in the UK for the logistics and supply chain industries. It is sponsored by Investec Asset Finance plc and it will take place at the NEC, Birmingham, on 24-27 September 2019.

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