Flexport Releases New Dashboard Personalisation

Flexport Releases New Dashboard Personalisation

Flexport released personalisation features that let its almost 10,000 clients and suppliers make more informed supply chain decisions, based on their role and unique supply chain needs. Users will enjoy a pre-configured logistics dashboard, the ability to further customize their dashboard to streamline workflows, and access to the Platform anywhere with a newly optimized mobile experience. Despite global uncertainty caused by trade tensions as well as COVID-19, Flexport released Platform 2.0 less than a year ago. 

Flexport’s product and user research teams interviewed clients and suppliers, and reviewed all Platform user engagement metrics since the beginning of 2019 to build a pre-configured user experience for three core personas: logistics managers at large and small importers, as well as suppliers. Flexport’s research revealed critical insights, such as how a supplier cares about completing tasks to get shipments going, whereas a large consignee wants to parse through large shipment volumes. 

This is why the Platform now offers a customisable dashboard that enables these unique personas to tailor the information and data needed to manage their supply chains more holistically, as opposed to focused on transactional shipment management. The features released today are not common in most B2B platforms, let alone in freight forwarding:

  • Consumer-grade experience: Through intuitive dragging and dropping of dashboard widgets, users can create their own experience and optimize their workflows. According to testing during the new features launch, 70% of customers engaged with the new personalisation features, creating and saving their own distinct dashboards.
  • New modules: Five new modules have been included in the dashboard to help users make smarter decisions about their freight: Carbon Emissions Estimator, Duty Drawback Estimator, Shipments, Industry News, and COVID-19 Updates. 64% of clients who customized their dashboards during the new features launch added the Industry News and/or COVID-19 Updates, as clients look for the context needed to make more informed supply chain decisions.
  • Optimized mobile experience: Flexport redesigned major parts of the experience specifically for mobile, such as the shipment timeline, a core component of the shipment list and details page. 

This builds on Flexport’s technology vision, which is to build one platform to connect all of the entities in global trade and standardize how they collaborate.

Ryan Petersen, CEO and Founder of Flexport said: “Our mission is to make global trade easy for everyone. Technology is one of the strongest levers for Flexport clients, suppliers and partners to navigate supply chain disruptions caused by the current macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty. To survive, companies need to run agile, resilient supply chains that can weather a storm. The Flexport Platform helps them do that every day.” 

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