Fingerprint Drug Testing for Logistics and Transport Industry

Fingerprint Drug Testing for Logistics and Transport Industry

The transport and logistics industry has welcomed new levels of convenience, hygiene and speed to workplace drug testing with Intelligent Fingerprinting. A simple, end-to-end drug testing solution based on fingerprint sweat analysis is now available.

The portable Intelligent Fingerprinting solution is quick and easy to deploy wherever it is needed across all transport operations, unlike the traditional urine or saliva-based drug tests that can be invasive, time consuming and undignified for testers and employees. The new solution supports all forms of workplace drug testing including pre-employment screening, random, and for-case testing and can be done in the office or before and after a driver’s shift.

The system works by analysing sweat from a fingerprint to determine if an employee has recently used amphetamines, cannabis, cocaine or opiates. The sample collection takes only five seconds and the screening results for all four drug groups will be provided in eight minutes.

If an employee tests positive, then the tester would use the Intelligent Fingerprinting’s Fingerprint Collection Kit for Laboratory Analysis to collect samples for a confirmation test. The kit also includes everything needed for the samples to be sent to the laboratory, including a tamper-evident security bag, barcodes to maintain anonymous sample identity and a postage-paid returns envelope.

“Under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, transport and logistics firms have a duty to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of their employees, so an effective drug screening and testing service should be a critical element of any workplace drug policy,” explained Intelligent Fingerprinting’s Dr Paul Yates.

“However, it’s also essential that firms and their employees are completely confident in the accuracy of their drug testing procedures, regardless of whether they’re testing urine, saliva or sweat,” added Paul Yates. “For this reason, a laboratory confirmation test should always be carried out following a positive screening result.”

Intelligent Fingerprinting provides a quick solution for workplace drug testing and an end-to-end reliability process.

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