DPD and Sunrise Software ITSM Deliver Self-Service

DPD and Sunrise Software ITSM Deliver Self-Service

DPDgroup UK has selected Sunrise Software, a leading supplier of IT service management (ITSM) solutions, as its new IT support provider. The Sunrise IT Service Management (ITSM) SaaS solution will help DPD’s 10,000 strong UK team, 22,000 business customers, and millions of parcel recipients to track their deliveries.

With this acquisition, DPD is reinforcing its existing ITIL best practices and it creates a branded self-service portal that will increase the efficiency and consistency of the service management support across the business. The Sunrise solution is an easy to use, adaptable, and intuitive interface to log and manage incidents for employee and contractual customer support.
“DPD has a strategy to provide a world class service and we continually aim to improve upon the level to which IT contributes. Previously, we were reliant on interactions such as email for calling logging, which were time-consuming and not best for the customer. Moving to offer a self-service portal means that our diverse and often mobile users can easily check for a resolution themselves, but still log a call if they need to,” said Alison Stephens, IT Service Desk Manager at DPD.

The services offered by Sunrise ITSM are built-in from the outset, so DPD can activate them as and when required without incurring additional expenditure. What makes a difference in this solution is the inclusion of the SDI accredited reporting suite used to measure performance, quality, and productivity, as well as helping to calculate the ‘cost to serve’.

The user technical support could range from office workers to delivery drivers that use mobile phones or the customer awaiting a parcel using DPD’s home tracking software.

“Time is of the essence within the parcel delivery arena and for DPD, there is none to waste when it comes to answering queries and dealing with incidents raised by employees and business customers. Above all else, DPD benefits from the simplicity and flexibility of Sunrise’s ITSM platform as it means the service desk can act quickly to see tangible benefits to its operations,” commented Geoff Rees, Director of Business Service and Sales at Sunrise.

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