Bus Vannin Launches ZipTrip App

Bus Vannin Launches ZipTrip App

Bus Vannin is the latest Ticketer customer to launch the company’s app, ZipTrip, which the operator claims will transform the way people get around the Isle of Man by bus.

Ticketer has developed ZipTrip to put information regarding bus services in the hands of the passenger. It includes a range of features designed to make it easier for customers to get to their destinations, including detailed route information, live departure times and how to find their nearest bus stop.

At the ZipTrip launch, Jason Moorhouse MHK, Member with responsibility for Public Transport, said: “ZipTrip is a great tool for our passengers and caters for a range of customer needs. Tourists, for example, who may not know exactly where they are, will be able to use the free bus wifi and track themselves on the map. And commuters who have had a long day at work and fancy a little nap on the way home can set an alert to make sure they don’t sleep past their stop.”

The information displayed in ZipTrip about each bus comes direct from the ETMs on each Bus Vannin vehicle. As well as providing up to date information regarding each vehicle location, this data is combined with the scheduled timetables to provide real-time predictions of bus arrival times at each stop on the island.

“ZipTrip is a hugely popular app, which gives passengers instant access to all kinds of useful information, putting them firmly in control of their travel plans.”

As well as providing passengers with details about whether a service is running on time, and if not then showing an estimated time of arrival, the Ticketer ETMs provide management data for analysing the punctuality and efficiency of scheduled services,” said John Clarfelt, Managing Director of Ticketer.

ZipTrip is available for passengers to download on all Apple or Google Play devices.


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