Air1 Promote The Importance Of Quality AdBlue

Air1 Promote The Importance Of Quality AdBlue

AdBlue prime producer Air1 used the CV Show last month to promote the importance of quality AdBlue and contamination issues that can arise when the right specification of AdBlue solution is not used.

With many more vehicles now adopting SCR technology, it is imperative that truck and van owners have confidence in the source of their AdBlue and that full traceability to the point of manufacture is assured.

Visitors to the show this year also got the chance to see a commercial vehicle’s catalyst on display. The catalyst had been sectioned in order to show exactly how fine and delicate a catalyst is and why it is imperative that quality AdBlue is used and careful measures taken to avoid contamination of the catalyst. Most vehicle engine manufacturers will not accept warranty claims if a low quality “AdBlue type fluid” or AdBlue that has been modified has been used, ultimately resulting in costly repairs and vehicle downtime.

Since the implementation of Euro 6 for cars and vans, many LCV’s now also require AdBlue to meet emission legislation. So, as well as promoting the importance of quality AdBlue at the show, Air1 were also displaying a van on their stand this year to represent this sector – which was certainly very prominent at this year’s show.

Since the implementation of AdBlue into these vehicles, it has become apparent that there are some issues and knowledge gaps with AdBlue in the van market and the assumption that a vehicle can be topped up at an annual service is not realistic for any commercially driven vehicle. Air1 had experts available during the 3-day-event to assist with any questions or queries around AdBlue in the LCV sector.

Every year, Air1 commit to raising money for the charity Transaid during the show by selling Air1 model tankers, and this year we are pleased to announce that Air1 broke the Transaid record for amount raised during the 3 days – a staggering £454.

This couldn’t have been achieved without the kind contributions of everyone who donated and a special thanks for the generous donation of £250 from Louth Potato Co. owner Andrew Wrisdale (this was due to a sealed bid auction for a large Air1 model tanker).

Due to the growing demand for AdBlue in the off-road sector, Air1 will next be exhibiting at Cereals on 10th/11th June 2015 in Boothby Graffoe.

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