New 450 hp Engine With SCR Only

New 450 hp Engine With SCR Only


New 450 hp Engine With SCR Only

Scania has now further broadened its already comprehensive range of Euro 6-certified truck engines. Anyone who needs 450 hp, not least European customers with tractor-trailers, can now choose between two versions of Scania’s well known 13-litre engines at that power level. In its latest config­uration it uses only SCR aftertreatment technology, and thus is expected to become a strong favourite among customers, especially long-haulage firms who prioritise low diesel consumption.

“Our success with the 410 hp version of the 13-litre engine with only SCR has spurred us to go further down the road to reduce both complexity and diesel consumption,” says Joel Granath, Head of Product Management for Scania trucks. “Our customers now have a range of 18 different models of Euro 6 engines to choose from. This gives them unique opportunities to tailor their powertrains for optimal performance, regardless of driving conditions or application.”

Because Scania engineers solved the puzzle of meeting tough Euro 6-emission require­ments using only SCR – despite the high power range – customers now get in­creased freedom of choice with simpler solutions. The new Scania engine model – DC13 147 – requires neither a variable geometry turbocharger nor an EGR cooler.

“Just as with the extremely fuel-stingy 410 hp model that appeared last autumn, this engine is ideal, especially for European long-haulage customers who prioritise low fuel consumption, but don’t want to give up torque or driver comfort,” states Granath. “According to our own calculations running a Scania Streamline, this results in a 1 percent fuel saving compared with the previous model using both EGR and SCR – everything else being equal.”

Engines using only SCR technology require more AdBlue, on the other hand. In the case of Scania, this is normally an average of 6 percent of diesel fuel, while engines with EGR and SCR normally come up to 3 percent. For those who want to optimise their diesel fuel capacity, Scania offers a wide assortment of AdBlue tanks, including special solutions that use vacant space inside the frame in an intelligent way.

The new engine model has, just like its predecessor, a very impressive torque: maxi­mum torque is 2,350 Nm and is available right from 1,000 r/min, which assures very good driveability.

“We are convinced that Scania’s 450 hp engine with only SCR will become a popular workhorse out on the highway,” says Granath. “Using only SCR for aftertreatment has been shown to lead to lower consumption, and it also saves some weight.”

“Euro 6 customers who have the advantage of being able to run on up to 100 percent biodiesel should look at the specially adapted version of Scania’s 450 hp engine range. That version uses both EGR and SCR for aftertreatment, just as before.

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