Winter warning – aftermarket urged to ‘get ready’

Winter warning – aftermarket urged to ‘get ready’

Get set

With wintry conditions around the corner, it is paramount that cars are fully prepared for the winter, with ice, snow, plummeting temperatures and wet weather all causing havoc. Brake Engineering urges garages and motor factors to act now, to ensure stock levels are met to handle anticipated demand and to be ‘winter ready’.

Common failures

Many motorists are on ‘winter alert’ and are more likely to get their brakes checked if they experience squeaking noises or under-performance on unpredictable, precarious road surfaces.

During poor weather, calipers are also prone to corrosion due to more salt and grit being on the roads. This can damage seals and result in rust, causing replacement rates to increase. To spot signs of wear and rust, technicians should always remove the wheel for closer inspection and diagnosis.

Quality is king

When remanufacturing brake calipers, Brake Engineering adds an anti-corrosion coating, which is key to preventing rust, peeling, and corrosion, as well as being particularly temperature resistant, which is imperative during the colder months.

Each Brake Engineering piston has an improved anti-corrosion coating and has undergone a 450-hour salt spray resistance test proving their suitability for use in cold climates, as well as having a hardness of 500vickers. The piston surface finish is improved too and therefore reduces wear on the seals.

As braking is a safety critical product group, it’s crucial that distributors and garages are confident they can supply and fit a product underpinned by quality and reliability. A motor factor supplying parts through a credible source enables the origin of the parts to be easily traced. This falls under motor factors’ duty of care to make sure that parts supplied to garages are safe and are of suitable quality – essential criteria for garages.

Adam Griffiths, Brake Engineering UK Marketing Lead, said: “As braking systems are integral to a motorist’s safety, it is essential that both garages and distributors trust a quality supplier of braking solutions. Our Original Aftermarket philosophy leaves the market assured of a correct fit of quality parts every time.”

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