Webfleet : How to Solve Transport’s Productivity Puzzle

Webfleet : How to Solve Transport’s Productivity Puzzle

The UK’s “productivity puzzle” continues with the country’s economic output lagging behind its competitors. The government has committed to a high-productivity economy with support for the adoption of digital technology a central pillar of its strategy to tackle the problem. 

Encouragingly, fleet businesses are already grasping the nettle. A Webfleet Solutions study reveals that three-quarters (74 per cent) of UK fleets have adopted more digital solutions since the start of the pandemic.

Connected tech systems – with telematics platforms at their heart – are triggering new ways of working, automating business processes and improving workflow management. Using WEBFLEET, Webfleet Solutions’ vehicle management software, for example, jobs and orders can be sent with automatic routing information directly to drivers’ in-cab terminals or a mobile application. 

Routing and scheduling solutions allow managers to improve the visibility of their daily workflow, the sequence of jobs can be optimised and information from the customer can be relayed into ERP, CRM or accounting software suites. Invoices can also be automated, with accurate telematics data detailing time spent with clients.

Driver tablets can host a range of applications to simplify and streamline transport processes. Business partner apps on the WEBFLEET PRO 8 series, for example, can simplify order management, scan barcodes and capture signatures for proof of delivery, conduct VOSA-compliant daily vehicle checks, record photos of defects, report accidents and scan trailers – with results relayed to the back office.

Key to reducing downtime are regular maintenance schedule alerts, and telematics systems can notify managers when a vehicle is showing signs of malfunction, resulting in proactive maintenance planning and reduced vehicle downtime.

The recent launch of WEBFLEET TPMS signals a significant development here, utilising sensors that continuously monitor tyre pressure levels and tyre temperature. The digital keys that can unlock the door to improved productivity, and therefore solving the industry’s puzzle, are with us and accelerated adoption by transport operators signals a positive future for the industry.

By Beverley Wise, Regional Director UK & Ireland for Webfleet Solutions

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