Volkswagen US Court Case 'Agreement in Principle'

Volkswagen US Court Case 'Agreement in Principle'

Volkswagen are going back to court on Thursday to report on their attempts to fix the 600,000 vehicles in the US that have been equipped with software that cheats the emissions tests. The April 21 deadline has been surpassed.

The solution to the issue is critical for the company, the Volkswagen fraud were uncovered by regulators of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which was publicly reported in September.

The EPA stated the carmaker installed illegal devices, 482,000 diesel vehicles are that understated emissions in official tests. Volkswagen revealed that the actual numbers on diesel vehicles worldwide had installed included up to 11m diesel vehicles and an additional 85,000 in the US.

Volkswagen has been attempting to yield answers for the affected vehicles, the company has broadly come to agreements across Europe but the agreement between the US EPA has not been successful so far.

The US emissions limits are far stricter than other areas the vehicles have been sold in, the European solutions include modifications to hardware and software. By attempting to get the car in line with the emission standards could potentially negatively impact on the performance of the vehicle.

The predictions for the agreement are along the lines of purchasing the vehicles back have been confirmed. The court made an agreement between that carmaker and the Justice Department over hundreds of thousands of vehicles that were sold frauduantly in the US.

Owners of the vehicles will be able to choose between having their car fixed or having their vehicle bought back. Car owners will be able to choose between having their vehicle fixed or alternatively accepting a buyback.

Financial details were not revealed in regards to the plan, referred to by both parties as an ‘agreement in principle.”. Agreeing that it simply addresses one of the key aspects about the case. the conduct and investigations in their fraudulent actions are still going ahead and the consequences are still yet to established.

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