UKWA Releases Its Response to the Brexit Paper

UKWA Releases Its Response to the Brexit Paper

UKWA (the United Kingdom Warehousing Association), the UK’s only trade association dedicated to serving the vitally important warehousing and logistics sector, has released Peter Ward’s, CEO of UKWA, response to the publication of the Government’s Brexit White Paper.

“The Government has published its Brexit White Paper, following last week’s cabinet meeting at Chequers. UKWA welcomes some of the content relating to plans for a facilitated customs arrangement (FCA), in so far that it responds to the call from business for minimal disruption to the free flow of goods between the UK and EU member states,” started Peter.

He goes on and praises Prime Minister Theresa May for listening to the needs of the business community. “Since the referendum result was announced more than two years ago, UKWA has stressed the need to retain ‘frictionless trade’ with the EU and it appears from today’s document that the Government is attempting to avert any major upheaval in the way goods are traded between the EU and the UK.”

However, it is still to be seen whether the paper is just a starting point for negotiating or if it was designed to unite the divided government, to gain the support of the parliament, the country and Brussels.

“Representing an industry that relies heavily on the contribution of European workers, and already facing an acute labour shortage, it is disappointing for UKWA that the White Paper appears somewhat vague on the UK’s post-Brexit immigration policy. Whilst emphasising repeatedly that the free movement of people will come to an end, The White Paper says the detail of a new immigration policy will be published in a separate paper later this year,” said Peter.

“UKWA will continue to drive the essential, practical and consultative dialogue between the logistics industry and those influencing the policies that will affect the country for many years to come,” he concluded.

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