Traffic Commissioner has Reminded Licence Holders

Traffic Commissioner has Reminded Licence Holders

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner has a reminder for Operators who need to meet tests for financial standing or need to appoint new transport managers. Those who have not met the mandatory requirements by the expiration date could lead to their licences being revoked.

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner has reminded licence holders that grace periods can only be granted for a maximum of six months providing that the transport manager issues must be remedied before this grace period ends. A grace period can be extended to nine months in the event of the transport manager.

Traffic commissioners are not obligated to allow and period of grace, although they have said they will accept and consider applications. The commissioners are attempting to strike a balance between allowing operators to resolve any problems, and make sure there is an equal ground for operators to make sure they maintain adherence to the mandatory criteria.

If the mandatory requirements are not met by licence holders, it is required by law that the operator’s authority is revoked unless there is a period of grace applied for and granted. The Office of the Traffic Commissioner has issued this reminder after the removal of the appeal for Albany Waste Services Ltd after it failed to comply even after being allowed our months of grace to illustrate their financial standing and competence. The company nominated a replacement CPC holder after the grace period had expired. Because the maximum period of grace awarded had expired, the licence was revoked.

In order to demonstrate that failure to meet mandatory requirements is important while those who fail to meet the standards required should be proactive in finding solutions whilst the period of grace is granted.

Heavy goods vehicle operators and public service vehicles must be properly licenced in order to deliver a safe road network, as well as improving the industry in terms of fair competition. The licencing will also help to preserve the environment, and meet sustainability regulations.

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