Show Preview: Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Expo

Show Preview: Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Expo

The Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Expo is the UK’s leading retail-focused logistics exhibition. Key UK automation distributor RARUK Automation Limited will be showcasing the latest robotic technology to improve the efficiency of internal logistics operations. The event will be taking place on the 27th and 28th of February at the ExCel London.

RARUK Automation is a dedicated automation company that specialises in the supply of robotic solutions for manufacturing and logistics applications. As the only UK Platinum Partner of Universal Robots, RARUK Automation offers a range of off-the-shelf collaborative robot (cobot) solutions. RARUK Automation is also the UK Excellent Partner for MiR autonomous robots (AMRs).

On stand no. SC3011, RARUK Automation will be combining cobots and AMRs in a palletising demonstration. The Robotiq PE Series Palletising Solution for the UR10e will be picking and placing boxes onto a pallet. With a payload capacity of 12.5 kg (including end-of-arm tooling) and the ability to reach pallet heights up to 1500 mm, the PE10 is one of multiple Robotiq Palletising Solutions designed to increase end-of-line efficiency with cobots. Other solutions, for applications that require greater reach or payload capabilities, include the AX Series and the PE20 Solution for the UR20.

The PE10 has a maximum throughput of 13 picks per second, but this can be increased with the PowerPick gripper and Multipick software feature which allow multiple boxes to be palletised at once. Multiple grippers can be fitted onto a cobot arm; single, dual or even quadruple configurations.

Once the pallet has been stacked, it will be picked up and transported by a MiR600 AMR. Designed for the internal transportation of heavy loads, the MiR600 can carry up to 600 kg. The MiR600 is also IP52 rated, meaning it can withstand dust particles and fluids making it suited to challenging environments.

MiR mobile robots have revolutionised the way companies are moving materials inside their facilities. RARUK Automation offers the full fleet of easy-to-program, intelligent MiR robots. They are designed to operate safely alongside humans and in harsh industrial environments; their built-in multi-sensor systems feed data into an advanced planning algorithm, which lets the robot know where to drive and if it should adjust its path or make a safe, immediate stop to avoid collisions.

To discover how automation can improve efficiency, safety and employee satisfaction for your business, visit RARUK Automation at the Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Expo and have your questions answered by industry experts.

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