The Recession Has Bottomed Out

The Recession Has Bottomed Out


The Recession Has Bottomed Out

TimoCom’s transport barometer finishes the 2nd quarter with a surplus in freight

Dusseldorf – The hardest time for the transport industry seems to be over. In the past months TimoCom’s transport barometer continuously rose and indicated a freight – vehicle ratio of 53:47 at the end of the 2nd quarter. The highlight of the merry month of May was a ratio of 60:40 and a new record in freight and vehicle offers in TC Truck&Cargo®.

April already indicated the direction for the 2nd quarter of the year: upwards. With a freight – vehicle ratio of 49:51 TimoCom’s transport barometer was a full 14 percentage points above last month’s reference level. “The start of the quarter has to be rated as rather ‘restrained'”, says TimCom’s Chief Representative, Marcel Frings, “around the same time last year we already had quite a surplus in freight.” At that time TimoCom’s transport showed a ratio of 57:43.”

25 points within two months
In May the page finally turned. With an increase of 11 percentage points, freight share jumped to a positive level for the first time since September 2012. At the end of the month it was 60:40 in favour of freight offered on the European transport market. The development was encouraged by the many bank holidays in May. Because of the many days off, for instance more foodstuffs had to be delivered to the supermarkets Europe-wide. The absolute figures also reflected this: on 21st May transport offers in TC Truck&Cargo® reached a completely new level. There was an incredible total of 467,510 freight and vehicle offers in the transport exchange – an absolute record high.
Although the high level could not be maintained in June, the freight – vehicle ratio of 51:49 provided for a positive mood. There was also a surplus in freight for two consecutive months exactly one year ago. As it seems now, the transport market is going back to normal and the times of an endless surplus in vehicle space are obviously coming to an end.

More offers than 2012
Marcel Frings believes that the transport industry is on the up: “At a first glance it seems like the 2nd quarter of this year is exactly like last year’s. With a freight – vehicle ratio of 54:46 last year and 53:47 this year respectively, the percentage distribution is practically the same. What is striking is the absolute number of offers: here we recorded a 13% increase in freight and vehicle offers compared with 2012. So the ratio of numbers of offers is almost identical. However, on a considerably higher level! And that is exactly why we are optimistic about the upcoming months.”

The 2nd quarter is coming to an end and gives additional impetus for next month. Let us hope that the consumers and the industry remain positive and that this will boost the European economy. At least the requirements for a summer dream rather than a summer nightmare are met.

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