The Queen’s Speech stutters on Brexit, but good news for logistics

The Queen’s Speech stutters on Brexit, but good news for logistics

The details of the Government agenda for the next two years have been revealed; and the global delivery experts Fastlane International say there is some good news for exporters and logistics companies.

The delayed Queen’s Speech has finally been delivered, and the e-commerce delivery specialists Fastlane International say that there is some good news for exporters and logistics; though many Brexit details remain unclear.

Says Fastlane’s Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks MILT: ‘There are eight bills tackling Brexit alone; but the real details of the Government’s approach to Brexit, and how wedded they still are to a ‘hard’ Brexit – leaving the Customs Union and the Single Market entirely – remains to be seen as negotiations unfold.’

David comments on the Bills introduced:

  • The Customs Bill will contain legislation to ensure the UK has a stand-alone UK Customs regime on exit: not entirely good news for exporters and logistics companies hoping to see few significant changes to current tariff free exports and imports. However, the stated flexibility to accommodate future trade agreements with the EU and others does perhaps pave the way for a softer Brexit, including the opportunity to retain tariff free borders.
  • Additionally, the Trade Bill will introduce a legal framework for Britain to agree free trade deals with countries and trading blocs around the world; and it is to be hoped this includes opportunities for deals with Nafta – the group made up of Canada, Mexico and the US – and the remaining members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the deal which was due to be implemented between 12 countries, including Australia and Japan, until Donald Trump pulled the US out of the agreement.
  • More good news for UK logistics companies was the Automated and Electronic Vehicles Bill. Fastlane believes the future of UK courier services will be closely linked to greener, autonomous vehicles delivering in urban areas.
  • The news that the Government is pushing ahead with its High Speed 2 Phase 2A Bill – the so called HS2A extension of the HS2 railway from Birmingham to Crew – will mean more freight transport will be able to use the existing West Coast Mainline as slots are freed-up when high-speed passenger services switch to the new line.
  • News of a Commonwealth Summit next year will also help concentrate plans for British exporters post Brexit. From Australia to Zambia the 52 member countries present an A-Z of opportunities for business.
  • Finally, as e-commerce delivery specialists Fastlane was interested to hear of a Digital Charter in the Data Protection Bill. Measures to crack down on internet crime help increase trust in online transactions.
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