Prestigious Project Nets Two Awards for Collett & Sons

Prestigious Project Nets Two Awards for Collett & Sons

In a four week period Collett & Sons Ltd deliver three 169 Tonne Super Grid Transformers, a prestigious National Grid project which awards the Team the titles of the FTA Road Freight Operator of the Year and the Motor Transport Awards Team of the Year!

Delivering Willenhall, Cellarhead and Lovedean Super Grid transformers involved all pre-planning works, the discharging of each transformer from originating vessel at the dedicated port, delivery, road closures, SPMT operations and final jacking & skidding in to position. 

Working to a 2, 1 and 2 day schedule respectively, each of the transformers travelled the intricately planned routes, with tree surgery, trackway placing and street furniture removals having already been undertaken ahead of the project’s commencement. Parking restrictions and temporary road closures were also implemented to ensure safe passage of the loaded vehicles.

With each transformer safely arriving on site to the agreed timescale, Collett’s Heavy Lift Team were in place to begin jacking & skidding operations.  In the case of Cellarhead and Lovedean the 66m long loaded girder bridge could directly access the site to allow for the unloading of the transformers. With regards to Willenhall, site restrictions necessitated transhipment operations from the girder bridge to an awaiting 6 axle SPMT. This allowed for the Super Grid Transformer to be driven through the access entrance of the Substation and positioned for the final jacking & skidding operations. 

Having undertaken meticulous calculations to simulate the forces and pressure applied to the skid track during the skidding process, each of the three transformers were gradually manoeuvred in to position.  

“The project was extremely challenging, especially as these high-profile moves had attracted a lot of publicity and so the Team were under great pressure to deliver. One judge was especially impressed with the breadth of the service provided by Collett, while another said the Team had only one shot to get it right and they had “smashed it out of the park.” – 2019 Motor Transport Awards.

Over the four week timescale, our Team travelled 270KM with a total of 507 Tonnes. Combining intricate planning, expert heavy haulage and specifically engineered jacking & skidding operations, this was a headline project for the Collett Team and we’re extremely proud to be recognised by the FTA Logistics Awards and the Motor Transport Awards! 

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