Millbrook To Showcase 'Outdoor Laboratory' In Real Time At LCV2013 (4-5 September 2013)

Millbrook To Showcase 'Outdoor Laboratory' In Real Time At LCV2013 (4-5 September 2013)


Millbrook To Showcase ‘Outdoor Laboratory’ In Real Time At LCV2013 (4-5 September 2013)

Engineers at Millbrook Proving Ground, one of Europe’s leading locations for testing and developing every type of land vehicle, from motorcycles and passenger cars to heavy commercial, military and agricultural vehicles, will be showcasing their PEMS (Portable Emissions Measurement System) capability at LCV2013.

The highlight of the Millbrook exhibit this year will be the opportunity for visitors to travel on a New Bus For London and see PEMS operating in real-time. Millbrook’s engineers will install the equipment and use large screen displays to demonstrate the changes in pollutants as the Bus is driven around the test tracks.

PEMS will soon become part of European emissions legislation – it is already a requirement in the United States – and the need to show consistent and accurate results is imperative.  The ability to take vehicles repeatedly over a number of representative drive cycles – which can include urban driving, alpine routes and higher speed motorway driving means that PEMS results from Millbrook provide clients with data which is virtually impossible to replicate elsewhere. Millbrook will build on its excellent reputation for providing laboratory based emissions data across light and heavy duty vehicle markets and apply these skills to this ‘Outdoor Laboratory’.

Neil Fulton, Group Head Powertrain, said:  “We are excited to be able to bring PEMS to Millbrook.  This technology combined with our knowledge of exhaust emissions and fuel consumption and the repeatability of our track based test procedures will enable us to provide our clients with the most comprehensive, real-world emissions data available.”

The LCV event, to be held at Millbrook, is now in its sixth year and Millbrook’s engineers will be demonstrating that having access to 70km of Europe’s most comprehensive test tracks enables them to produce quantifiable, repeatable data to assist OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, Fuels companies and Government agencies with their real-world exhaust emissions solutions.

In addition to automotive products, there is the opportunity for suppliers in other markets such as industrial, off road, construction and military vehicles to take advantage of the unique facilities at Millbrook.

Millbrook Proving Ground can be found in the external ride and drive area at LCV2013.

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