Michelin lays waste to budget competitor

Michelin lays waste to budget competitor

Steel waste container specialist Fairport Containers has binned its budget tyre policy and switched to Michelin, after a set of premium Michelin fitments achieved almost three times the mileage of a budget competitor in a tyre trial.

The Michelin 315/70 R 22.5 X MultiWay 3D XDE drive tyres clocked up 382,708 km – travelling more than 250,000 km further than the budget tyres’ approximate runout figure of 132,000 km at Fairport Containers’ 3 mm replacement policy – which Service Manager Lee Cunliffe describes as “miserable mileage, compared to Michelin”.

The original Michelin tyres have since been regrooved and are now on their second life, which should see them deliver up to 25 per cent more miles before being sent back to Michelin for retreading.

Cunliffe says: “The concept of budget tyres makes you think you are saving money, but it was actually quite the reverse. They were hitting us hard in the pocket, and after comparing the trial data, a switch to premium was a no-brainer.

“Fitting Michelin tyres also means we are unlocking additional benefits, as they offer improvements in uptime, fuel efficiency, traction, and safety. Plus, the accidental damage guarantee means our investment is protected.”

As a direct result of the trial, the Michelin policy is being rolled out across Lancashire-based parent company Fairport Holdings’ 50-strong Mercedes-Benz truck fleet, which is operated jointly by Fairport Containers and sister company Andrew Porter – a business relocation and removals specialist. A combined fleet of 51 trailers is also covered by the policy.

The company also intends to take advantage of the multiple lives built into its Michelin tyres, regrooving, retreading, and regrooving again, to maximise mileage and reduce tyre bills.

In addition to regular visits by Account Manager Ian Fitzpatrick, Michelin’s technical team is also helping the customer get the most from its premium tyres.

Over the course of several visits, Michelin Technical Manager Dan Lamb weighed each different vehicle configuration in the company’s joint fleet, suggesting appropriate tyre pressures to maximise traction, longevity and fuel efficiency.

“Having the support of Michelin’s technical team has been fantastic. We’re not a huge outfit, but Michelin has taken the time to really understand our exact requirements, and is giving us five-star service,” says Cunliffe.

As well as the tyres’ mileage potential, Michelin’s accidental damage guarantee was a key factor in the decision to go premium.

The X Multi Guarantee promises to refund operators for any accidental damage suffered before a tyre is 50 per cent worn, provided it has been registered on the Michelin MyAccount web portal within one month of purchase. Service provider ATS Euromaster supplies Fairport Holdings’ Michelin tyres under the policy.

Established in 1983, Fairport Holdings’ brands also include Fairport Construction Equipment, and warehousing arm Fairport Storage. Fairport Containers has been in business for more than 20 years, and is an expert in the refurbishment, remodelling, resale, and rental of steel waste containers.

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