McCue teaches you how to make your facility work smarter and harder

McCue teaches you how to make your facility work smarter and harder

McCue Corporation UK has decided to share with you how to make your facility work smarter and harder. Here are the 5 secrets to save your company money in 2018:

1. Safety means high production
An accident at the workplace means more time taken on resolving the problem and not delivering. It also causes financial troubles that could have been avoided by using flexible safety barriers to organise the facility and isolate the employees and equipment from traffic.

2. Attracting the client
The best way to impress a client is to prove him that your facility abounds in new and sparkling equipment, such as McCue’s safety barriers that look like new after years of usage.

3. Minimise the maintenance
Always having to repaint the barriers becomes tiring and it is in fact a waste of time when you can upgrade to something that resists scratches and doesn’t damage the floor either. McCue’s plastic barriers are low maintenance and won’t create any aesthetic problems in the future.

4. Keep the workforce happy
Your workforce needs to be taken care of so they can give 100% every day. Feeling safe in pleasant-looking environment increases productivity by 12%, which will look good at the end of the year on the balance sheet.

5. Corners to be avoided
One of the most problematic things in a facility are those corners where there is always a crash. To protect these areas and the vehicles from damaging it, McCue offers a smart solution – the Rach End Protectors, Bollards, and Deflector Posts.
McCue was founded in 1988 and has expanded its offices since then all over the world. The company is known for its safety products across a range of industries, from retail, warehousing, and manufacturing, to food, drink, and healthcare.

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