Loksys International Seals 5 Year Deal With Costa Rican Government

Loksys International Seals 5 Year Deal With Costa Rican Government

Loksys and local partner Centrack create a powerful logistics tracking and monitoring solution for South American Govt Agencies.

Loksys International, one of the world’s most innovative supply chain management solutions provider has signed a 5-year contract with the Costa Rican government. Working in partnership with Centrack, Loksys is supplying a freight and haulage tracking system which will allow government agencies to monitor and protect cargo as it arrives and is then transported around the country.

This contract success comes after a successful competitive tender during which Loksys partnered with Costa Rican-based Centrack, a specialist in the deployment and management of satellite tracking technology. Over a trial period of some 6 months the Loksys designed tracking and management platform, Trak-chain, proved to be both flexible, powerful and cost effective enough to pass the Costa Rican’s government stringent evaluation. The successful tender was achieved even though the original tender specification was expanded midway through the trial.

The tracking solution has been built to fulfil a critical but sometimes complex requirement.  To monitor and keep secure containers of cargo as they arrive in various ports along the Costa Rican coast ready for distribution. Once unloaded, the containers are fitted with a range of bespoke locking and tracking devices and they are tracked to their destination by using the Trak-chain platform. The containers are distributed by a range of organisations including the Costa Rica Customs Agency, Maersk and DHL.

Commenting on the contract win, Ian McDermot, Managing Director of Loksys Intl said “This five-year contract is a ringing endorsement of the Loksys Intl and Centrack partnership. We worked together to produce a solution that not only met the current government need for additional security and monitoring of freight and other logistic elements, but also has scalability and capacity to meet the ever-changing requirements of the global rail, transport and transit sectors,”

“What makes our collaboration with Centrack so special is that we can now offer our clients a level of tracking and monitoring of freight that was simply impossible 3 years ago. The growth of the Latin American economy is well documented and the secure collection, transportation and delivery of cargo around the continent is the lifeblood of this expansion. Loksys is very proud to be playing its part in facilitating growth in Costa Rica and beyond,” concluded McDermot.


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