Less Paperwork, More Profits

Less Paperwork, More Profits

Everyday thousands of users in the UK rely on the Courier Exchange (CX) and Haulage Exchange (HX) to find capacity and find loads. For many member businesses central to this is the Exchange Mobile App.

The App is an essential tool for load matching and checking the availability of drivers. The next generation Application, which launched on 12 th February 2018, introduces four new features, designed to enhance visibility and improve efficiency. It allows drivers to create and send documents for immediate invoicing and PODs along with new and improved status and messaging features for enhanced communication.

When a driver is on a job it is not unusual for them to get multiple ‘check calls’ for updates on their whereabouts. The App allows the driver to give status updates including ‘On My Way to Pickup’ to keep everyone, including the customer informed of their journey eliminating unnecessary phone calls.

New built in group messaging features allow a single message to be sent to multiple contacts. The Despatch Group update keeps communication all in one place with recorded conversations. The feature is available on Freight Messenger, an easy to use messaging service that is built into both the App and the Exchange, works similarly to well recognised applications such as WhatsApp.

The sheer amount of paperwork that can be involved in delivery jobs can hinder both efficiency and profitability, version 3.2 of the App will help. After a delivery is made and POD is signed, drivers are able to take a photo of the document for high quality scanning. Designed to optimise photos taken even in less than ideal, low-light conditions, the Mobile App will process the image and adjust for contrast, clarity and orientation. The driver is able to crop the photo as necessary, removing unwanted background. The App then automatically converts the file to a formally acceptable electronic format, transforming the image from simply a photo of a document to a viable Proof of Delivery that can be sent directly to the dispatcher.

Once the job is complete, owner drivers can easily create and send invoices through the Mobile App. The newly added feature has a user-friendly interface with a form to be filled out with all the relevant details including the biller, customer and invoice ID. This is then converted into a professional PDF document ready to be sent off with a tap on the screen.

Simon Bunegar, senior vice president of marketing, says, “Our Mobile App is designed by transport professionals for transport professionals as a solution to address operational inefficiencies with real- time visibility and instant communication. In the past, drivers have always relied on traditional methods to submit signed PODs and invoices, such as faxing or mailing. These processes take hours at minimum, most often days. Our new functionality puts all the necessary documentation in the
right hands instantly, resulting in faster payment times for carriers and drivers. What was once a time consuming, paper-based practice is now accelerated, streamlined system that improves the overall efficiency of the delivery process.”

The latest version of the Courier Exchange and Haulage Exchange Applications are available to download on Android and Apple devices. It is free to use for subscribed owner drivers and operators and is available for company packages too.

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