IAAF's Latest Industry Briefing

IAAF's Latest Industry Briefing

The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) held its latest Industry Briefing at Phocas Business Intelligence Software, Middlemarch Business Park in Coventry on Thursday, the 15th of March, where it discussed all the major changes that the industry will face.

Mike Smallbone, IAAF Membership Development Manager, brought all attendees up to date with the recent lobbying successes regarding the scrapped MOT proposals and Type Approval legislation, highlighting IAAF’s influence in both outcomes. Additionally, he discussed the recent developments across the UK and Europe, where pressure continues to mount on the European Commission to begin work on legislation that introduces an interoperable, standardised, secure and safe, in-vehicle open telematics platform (OTP).

He also mentioned the YourCarYourChoice campaign, urging delegates to offer support and raise awareness to Block Exemption regulations, providing consumers with the freedom to choose where to service their vehicle.

Smallbone was then followed by guest speakers Nona Bowkis from Lawgistics and Steve Carter from Train4auto Consultancy. Bowkis explained he basic principles of GDPR and some of the consequences that business owners could face if they failed to be GDPR compliant, while Carter talked about the hybrid electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel-cell technology, signalling that the adoption of EVs is closer than most are anticipating.

“The briefing was extremely well-received and we anticipated the presentation topics would prove incredibly popular, reflected in the fact that all the spaces had been booked up weeks in advance of the event. It was clear our members hugely benefited from learning more about GDPR and electric vehicle technology, and the impact both will have on them personally and as part of the aftermarket,” said Smallbone.

“These briefings are gathering more momentum as we go on; they’re providing real value to members in terms of industry insight. We are expecting another highly engaging session and large turnout at the next briefing,” he concluded.

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