Goddess Chosen To Mark The New Way Ahead

Goddess Chosen To Mark The New Way Ahead

Andrew Baxter from Europa Worldwide s

Goddess Chosen To Mark The New Way Ahead

Europa Worldwide has made a bold step with the launch of a new emblem, strapline and created dedicated divisions for its services.  This marks the next stage of development for the dynamic business which has seen huge leaps since it was acquired in August 2013.

The striking new look features the Phoenician princess “Europa”, from Greek mythology, after whom the continent of Europe was named.  The company has retained the red which has synonymous with the business for the past 40 years.

Andrew Baxter, Managing Director comments; “We’re pleased to announce the latest exciting development at Europa, the launch of our new emblem and strapline.  This improvement marks the next stage of development which we believe better represents our Group today and in the years ahead.  The original Europa branding that we inherited had worked really hard over the years but was no longer representative of how the business had evolved, and like many other long standing designs had started to be used a little inconsistently.   With so much happening in the business it seemed timely to change the branding now.  This is a huge investment for the business but it is timely, as we move to the next milestone, with the opening of the Dartford hub soon to have a renewed look.  The metaphorical meaning of Europa is “intelligent and open-minded” something we as a team are committed to achieving, right across our organisation in our dealings with customers and partners.”

A vital component of the emblem is the new strapline “a passion for logistics”.  Andrew added:  “We’re such a dedicated; people focused business it seemed to choose a new strapline as well as an emblem which represented how we do business.”

Not only does the Group have a dynamic new look, Europa has also created individual operating divisions for its specialist services to give each vital part of the business greater prominence.

Its roadfreight operations will now be known as Europa Road, logistics operations as Europa Warehouse, Air & Sea as Europa Air & Sea and specialist show freight services as Europa Showfreight.

The innovative new emblem for Europa will be rolled out over the next few months over each division in the business and its 13 sites across the UK and Hong Kong.

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