Freight Association Urges Caution with Brexit Advice

Freight Association Urges Caution with Brexit Advice

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) is encouraging its members to carefully consider the options when seeking advice on the likely implications to their business and services of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

Director General, Robert Keen says: “There has been a huge volume of announcements and press coverage on the likely impact on the UK’s international trade and the issue has certainly been a shot in the arm for conference organisers. Not a week passes without the announcement of another ‘must attend’ event on the consequences of Brexit, some with eye-watering admission prices.

“We have been here before on numerous issues, such as container weighing, new customs regimes, etc, with a lot said based on very little fact.

“BIFA is in frequent discussions with the UK government about the possible implications of Brexit to try and find answers to some of the questions about international trade that arise from the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

“In our discussions, we have made clear to Government the danger to international supply chains of poorly negotiated agreements on customs systems, border controls and trade tariffs, for example.

“At present, there are many ifs, buts and maybes on the actual mechanics of Britain’s future trading relationships and how they might affect the freight forwarding sector.

Hence, we are recommending that our members exercise caution in trying to evaluate how, as Brexit unfolds, the many issues influencing visible trade will affect the work of our members which facilitate that trade.

“When there is something tangible to tell BIFA members we will be running free seminars across the UK.”

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