Director Disqualified After Providing Front for a Haulier

Director Disqualified After Providing Front for a Haulier

It has been announced that a Director has been disqualified after their transport firm was found to be providing a front for a haulier that was banned I 2006.

The Traffic Commissioner for London and the South East, Sarah Bell has warned other operator licence holder to think before providing cover for disqualified operators. People found doing this could face a large period of disqualification.

It has been revealed that Mark Goosey’s limited company operations have been acting as a front for Thomas McKinney. McKinney was disqualified by the Upper Tribunal in 2013. This new action should act as a deterrent for others thinking of doing the same.

Bell has suggested that this fronting practice can lead to a loss of reputation and doing so can lead to severe penalties. The warning offered by the Traffic Commissioner follows a public enquiry that was carried out by the Traffic Commissioner that has led to the 10-year disqualification of the director of two haulage companies. It is thought that Mark Goosey, the director in question, had acted in a dishonest way by allowing his two companies, D & R Grab Hire Services Limited and SWS Transport Limited. It is thought that the fronting has been going on since at least 2015.

It was revealed during the investigation that there had been more than 350 incidents of drivers driving without a card, that Goosey had used two untaxed vehicles on the public highway, he had used vehicles outside the margins of his licenses, and has failed to disclose the use of a number of vehicles, as well as being dishonest about Thomas McKinney’s involvement with the businesses during previous visits.

It was also revealed that Thomas McKinney was involved in SWS Transport Ltd and has been taking a financial cut of 10% from the work carried out for the company. It was also proved that McKinney visited the premises of the business up to two or three times a day.

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