Commercial Components win MAHLE F1 Grand Prix

Commercial Components win MAHLE F1 Grand Prix

MAHLE, the leading international development partner and supplier for the automotive industry revealed Commercial Components to be the winner of their recent promotion. The manufacturer and distributor of spare parts to the aftermarket ran promotion that offered their customers the opportunity to win a pair of tickets to the British F1 grand prix.

The recipient of the tickets was Commercial Components, a company based in Hampshire that operates as a MAHLE filter distributor. The company are continuously looking to stock a wider range of MAHLE’s high quality products, like their Turbochargers for example.

The company have expressed their gratitude for the tickets, saying that receiving them was a very welcome surprise. It is great to see a long term supplier and supporter of MAHLE’s products received this amazing prize. The British F1 grand prix saw Lewis Hamilton win for the fifth time.

MAHLE work to develop improved turbos for the aftermarket. The company looks to create parts for commercial and passenger vehicles. MAHLE Aftermarket is also continuously developing new references which can be used on a wide variety of different vehicles.

The promotion for the F1 grand prix tickets is not the first of this nature to be held by MAHLE. In the past the international development partner and supplier has held promotions that have given away free Formula 1 polo shirts for each Turbocharger purchased during a certain period of time.

These kinds of promotions are available to MAHLE through their work with Ferrari. MAHLE and Ferrari has worked for a long period of time as technical partners. MAHLE supplies Ferrari with a range of engine components. As well as working in the independent automotive aftermarket MAHLE has more than 300 engineers and developers working in the business sector of the company’s Engineering Services, Motorsports and Special Applications division. It is the expertise gained from working in these areas that support MAHLE’s work in the automotive aftermarket.

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