Citywide BikeTubes Brought to London

Citywide BikeTubes Brought to London

This month, the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) have teamed up with O’Donovan Waste Disposal, to bring citywide BikeTubes to the capital.

Wednesday the 14th September is Cycle to Work Day, and the two groups plan to ensure that more people get the support and encouragement needed for them to cycle to work for the first time.

The BikeTubes will be a series 10 guided rides, led by experienced cyclists, which will set off from different corners of the city, heading to central points. Mechanics from Halfords will be on hand to make sure all the bikes are fit for purpose, and volunteer marshalls will support the leaders to make sure everything goes smoothly.

75 cyclists can take part in each ride, meaning 750 people will be able to join rides near to where they live, and then jump off and the points nearest their workplaces.

As part of Cycle to Work Day, those who ride – including joining a BikeTube – and pledge their miles to the campaign will be entered into a prize draw to win £5000 worth of bikes and cycling accessories.

Jacqueline O’Donovan, the MD of O’Donovan Waste Disposal, said, “Bike Tubes are perfect for getting large groups of cyclists across London at the busiest times and building cyclist confidence. At O’Donovan, we’re committed to seeing that new cyclists get all the support they need cycling to work.

“We appreciate the importance of developing a collaborative relationship between the logistics industry and cyclists in London. No one should be afraid to cycle on London’s roads, and we are proud to be working in partnership with LCC encouraging more people in London to feel safe on a bike and cycle to work for the first time.”

Ashok Sinha, the CEO of LCC, added, “Cycle to Work Day is a great way to help people enjoy the convenience, health benefits and cost savings of cycling to work. We are delighted that O’Donovan’s Waste Disposal is supporting the safety of cyclists.

“London streets can be intimidating in rush hour and the first commute is often the hardest. But with the right support more people can gain the confidence to commute by cycle – which will also help London become the healthier, happier, less polluted and less congested city we all want it to be.”

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