Chaucer Launches First Stage of £1M Investment Programme

Chaucer Launches First Stage of £1M Investment Programme

Chaucer Logistics, the world’s largest dedicated furniture logistics provider, has launched the first stage of its £1 million expansion programme to support its booming home delivery service across the UK. Foundations for a new warehouse at its depot in Rainham, Essex, which will take existing storage capacity from 180,000 sq ft to more than 250,000 sq ft have already been laid with completion expected later this year.

“Our investment will also create many new jobs in every area of the business from new drivers to admin staff and middle managers,” said Scott Dunn, Chaucer Logistics Chief Executive. “The investment is in response to our growing furniture home delivery service which has expanded enormously over the last 12 months. It is a trend that shows little sign of slowing down and we must be ready to meet this demand.”

Chaucer has benefited from a growing number of soft furnishing retailers using its business to deliver direct to customer homes while at the same time more and more major manufacturers are seeing increased demand for new office furniture to be delivered to staff now working from home.

As well as furniture, Chaucer has also responded to demand from specialist kitchen and bathroom companies. These companies are delivering products in bulk to Chaucer’s main depot. These are broken down and collated into individual customer orders prior to home delivery.

“Responding to these different customer needs has been incredibly challenging especially during these difficult times,” said Scott Dunn. “We have also seen an incredible increase in our white gloves high end business as large corporates and specialist customers also make changes in response to the pandemic.”

And it has not stopped there. Chaucer has worked and continues to work with the emergency services to ensure that vital PPE equipment continues to reach front line staff via its national distribution network.

“Our £1 million investment is just the start,” said Scott Dunn. “Watch this space as we have many more exciting plans for 2021.”

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